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Necessary Blackness Ep: 148 – Black & Brown Myth & Reparation w/ Dr. Randy Short

Dr. Randy Short talks the Black & Brown Myth, Transnational Black Movement and Reparation. Dr. Shorts spoke with us a few days before the historical #Rally4Reparation that took place in D.C. on November 5th.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 147 – The Pamela Turner Case: Justice Denied

Necessary Blackness sits down with fearless social justice activist Arthur Reed to talk about the miscarriage of justice and the bias judge that presided over the case involving the killing of Pamela Turner, in Baytown, Texas.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 146 Conversation w/ Emerald Garner (Daughter of Eric Garner)

Necessary Blackness interviews the daughter of Eric Garner, (Emerald Garner) who was brutally murdered by the police. We discussed the tragic loss, her activism, the need for change when it come to qualify immunity for police officers, as well as her recently released book, “Finding My Voice”.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 138- Building Wealth & Personal Finance w/ Andre Hatchett

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we sat down with Andre Hatchett, who is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Hatchett is the owner of ‘The Black Real Estate School, The Notary Business School, and co-founder of Buy Black NYC.

Andre explains how your financial standing can change for the better despite the pandemic and why investing in the real estate market is a sure win, now more than ever.

Andre Hatchett can also be heard on “The Hatchett Way Podcast”

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 137 – Black Male Doula Becomes Advocate For Black Women

From advocating for social justice in the streets to Hospitals and Birth Centers, Moorish Chef speaks to Necessary Blackness Podcast about being a Male Doula, the Spiritual Nature of giving birth, and the holistic process a mother goes through when delivering the greatest gift to the world.

Necessary Blackness EP 136- America’s Favorite Dad Released From Prison #BillCosby

The release of Bill Cosby due to prosecutorial misconduct is not a technicality. Only those not educated on legalese, also known as legal jargon, will say #BillCosby was let out on a technicality

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 135 – White Oppression Black Trauma: An Afrocentric Approach To Healing

Elementary Genocide, Rahiem Shabazz, Necessary Blackness Podcast,

Necessary Blackness Podcast host Rahiem Shabazz talks with High Heals about intergenerational trauma. High Heals is a modern day Sharman known for being an energy healer who brings high energy vibrations to the collective. We also spoke about so-called Relationship Coach Kevin Samuels and his definition of high value men and this is what she had to say…

Necessary Blackness Ep: 132 – No Address Documentary

Rahiem Shabazz will sit-down with Director Caletta Harris for a one-on-one interview to discuss her award-winning documentary series, “No Address” and the criminalization of homelessness. We will also disclose some of the proven tactical solutions, us as a community can do to end this ongoing crisis.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 130- Clearing The Air w/ Special Guest Jade

Rahiem Shabazz interviews Special Guest Jade to discuss the “Clear The Air” initiative and fight against anti-black racism. We also will discuss political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal who recently caught COVID-19 and the movement underway to free him from incarceration.


Necessary Blackness Ep: 115 – Self-Care When Dealing With A Narcissist

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Co-Host Marci Li talks about being in a relationship with a narcissist, why she took a hiatus from social media and what are the tell-tale signs to know you’re involved with a narcissist. The author and co-host goes into great details about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and why it’s such a stigma in the Black Community.


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