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Necessary Blackness Ep:153: 1 on 1 with Director Amadeuz Christ

In the latest episode of Necessary Blackness, Rahiem Shabazz sits down with film director, Amadeuz Christ, to discuss his documentary, “Out of Darkness,” which examines the untold history of African people and the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world. In his latest documentary, “Heavy Is The Crown” explores the African origins of the world’s major religions by examining the “original mythological story” that has served as the basis for spiritual systems across the planet, and arguably even the concept of the “western drama” itself

Necessary Blackness Ep: 152 -No More Lies! ‘Truth Be Told’ with Goddess Aayanna

Necessary Blackness Podcast got the opportunity to interview the Goddess Aayanna while she was in town. We discussed whether Black Masculinity were under attack and why Black Love is Revolutionary. Check out the entire interview and indulge yourself in the divine feminine energy of the Goddess.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 151 -No More Lies! ‘Truth Be Told’ with SharBates

Two truth-tellers, @iamsharbates & @rahiemshabazz sat down to discuss the structural and systematic injustice Black America face today. We also took an uninhibited look at police killings of unarmed black folks.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 150 -No More Lies! ‘Truth Be Told’ with ZeZe

Necessary Blackness Podcast will be interviewing ZeZe of A2Z TV about the rise of Foundational Black American and the need for Reparations.

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Radical Hope In The 21st Century

It is with immense gratitude I express appreciation for your support. Many of you have supported me since the release of the 3-part doc-u-series, “Elementary Genocide”. I, look forward to the continuous support with the release of the forthcoming book, “Radical Hope In The 21st Century”.

In honor for #Arutisuse (Arise) a new Holiday for Foundational Black American (FBA) Culture I will be releasing an excerpt of the forthcoming book, Radical Hope in The 21st Century. Download for FREE!!!

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 149 – Free Ozone

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Necessary Blackness speaks with Brother Ken Chairman and Attorney for People’s Legal Aid Project about the upcoming trial of Otha Wallace who is facing capital murder for defending himself from law enforcement. It’ very important we get behind the campaign to save brother Otha’s life. We know the system is corrupt and there are numerous incidents where innocent men are convicted and then sentenced to death.

When we look at Race and Capital Punishment, Blacks make up 42% of those of Death Row. The number of Black defendants executed for killing a white victim remains the highest percentage our of all racial combinations. So we know there is racist practices and this is systemic problem.

If you’re unable to contribute, please spread the word with via twitter, instagram or facebook.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 148 – Black & Brown Myth & Reparation w/ Dr. Randy Short

Dr. Randy Short talks the Black & Brown Myth, Transnational Black Movement and Reparation. Dr. Shorts spoke with us a few days before the historical #Rally4Reparation that took place in D.C. on November 5th.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 147 – The Pamela Turner Case: Justice Denied

Necessary Blackness sits down with fearless social justice activist Arthur Reed to talk about the miscarriage of justice and the bias judge that presided over the case involving the killing of Pamela Turner, in Baytown, Texas.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 146 Conversation w/ Emerald Garner (Daughter of Eric Garner)

Necessary Blackness interviews the daughter of Eric Garner, (Emerald Garner) who was brutally murdered by the police. We discussed the tragic loss, her activism, the need for change when it come to qualify immunity for police officers, as well as her recently released book, “Finding My Voice”.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 138- Building Wealth & Personal Finance w/ Andre Hatchett

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we sat down with Andre Hatchett, who is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Hatchett is the owner of ‘The Black Real Estate School, The Notary Business School, and co-founder of Buy Black NYC.

Andre explains how your financial standing can change for the better despite the pandemic and why investing in the real estate market is a sure win, now more than ever.

Andre Hatchett can also be heard on “The Hatchett Way Podcast”

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