Ric Mathis Sends Fulton County Sheriff’s to Rahiem Shabazz House

Ric Mathis, who has recently exhibited a consistent pattern of hostility towards Black women, has taken legal action by obtaining a restraining / protective order against renowned filmmaker and advocate for social justice, Rahiem Shabazz. Mathis has based his case on unfounded claims, alleging that Shabazz visited his residence, appeared at locations he frequents, and engaged in harassment. Furthermore, Mathis has escalated the situation by alerting law enforcement, falsely asserting that Shabazz is habitually armed.

Shabazz has been an outspoken critic of Mathis’ unethical business practices and his violent mistreatment of Black women, voicing his concerns through social media commentary. This activism has had a detrimental impact on Mathis, resulting in lost business opportunities and eroded trust within the Black community. In response, Mathis has chosen to involve the legal system, leading to a restraining order that prohibits Shabazz from coming within 200 yards of him, despite their close proximity in residence. The police have been to Rahiem Shabazz house on 3 occasions we know about.

This restraining order effectively prevents Rahiem Shabazz from visiting his local grocery store, favorite vegan restaurant, and participating in community events, out of fear of violating the court-mandated distance. In light of these developments, we urge the Black Community and specifically the Atlanta Conscious Community to discontinue extending invitations to Mathis for community gatherings and social functions. We also encourage the community to refrain from engaging in any economic endeavors that empower Ric Mathis.

Following the court hearing, a joint statement from various Black-led organizations will be publicly released, condemning the actions of Ric Mathis.

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