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Rasha Entertainment, has been in the video production industry for over 10 years. In the last 3 years, we produced three award winning documentaries titled, “Elementary Genocide: The School To Prison Pipeline; “Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration” and Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust.

Our company is independently owned, and in order to protect our independence, we never accept funds from corporate sponsors.

Each film project has been funded out of the pocket of executive producer, Rahiem Shabazz. Now is the time. We must ask our legion of supporters to donate so we can continue to produced content that speaks to the heart, soul and mind of African people.

If you’ve enjoyed any of our content, or have received any value from the Elementary Genocide brand, we ask that you continue to support us.

To continue this work and more, we urgently need your financial support. If you’re unable to make a donation, please do not hesitate to share the link with your family and friends.


Rahiem Shabazz