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Necessary Blackness: Ep 140 The Social Contract is Broken and Void

Necessary Blackness Podcast caught up with Community Activist and Award-Winning Author, Kimberly Latrice Jones to discuss her latest book, How Can We Win: Race, History and Changing the Money Game That’s Rigged where she goes in depth about the economic disparities Black Americans have faced for generations and offers ways to fight against a system that is still rigged.

Before there was Barak Obama, there was Harold Washington, before Harold Washington there was Rudy Lozano.

Social Justice Warrior, Kimberly Latrice Jones gives us a history lesson on the great visionary Rudy Lozano, and talks about his unwavering dedication to amplifying the peoples voice, his assassination and the vision he set forth for others to follow. 

With the upcoming 37th year anniversary of the MOVE Movement bombing, Kimberly recalls the Philadelphia based group quest for justice and why its important to keep Mumia’s name alive.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 139 – Rizza Islam

Rizza Islam joins us in the studio to talk about everything from COVID-19 to the on going war between Russia and Ukraine. We also discuss the importance of land ownership and establishing generational wealth.

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 138- Building Wealth & Personal Finance w/ Andre Hatchett

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we sat down with Andre Hatchett, who is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Hatchett is the owner of ‘The Black Real Estate School, The Notary Business School, and co-founder of Buy Black NYC.

Andre explains how your financial standing can change for the better despite the pandemic and why investing in the real estate market is a sure win, now more than ever.

Andre Hatchett can also be heard on “The Hatchett Way Podcast”

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Necessary Blackness EP 136- America’s Favorite Dad Released From Prison #BillCosby

The release of Bill Cosby due to prosecutorial misconduct is not a technicality. Only those not educated on legalese, also known as legal jargon, will say #BillCosby was let out on a technicality

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 134 The Truth About Patrisse Cullors & #BlackLiveMatter​ Movement

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In 2014, the first dollar raised was a GoFundMe using the picture of Shá Dixon at an action of civil disobedience. This picture helps the District Attorney, harass, target, and arrest Ms. Dixon. During her trial, BLM never assisted her, paid for lawyers, etc after using her picture illegally. Sha’ Dixon gives us a sneak peek into the earlier workings of the Black Lives Matter Movement and discusses in detail her departure.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 131 The Curse of Gospel

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Necessary Blackness got a chance to sit down with Crumb of CrumbTV to discuss the origin of Negro Spirituals and how the Gospel (God-Spell), which is traditionally rooted in the church will alienate a musician once they start singing secular music. Crumb goes deep into the lives of Sam Cooke, who shook the gospel world to its roots and how his tragic death could be related to his secular music career. Ray Charles, Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye and others are discussed in this deep and informative podcast.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 130- Clearing The Air w/ Special Guest Jade

Rahiem Shabazz interviews Special Guest Jade to discuss the “Clear The Air” initiative and fight against anti-black racism. We also will discuss political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal who recently caught COVID-19 and the movement underway to free him from incarceration.

Video: https://youtu.be/j87yu4gHE04

Necessary Blackness Ep: 129 Decolonizing Your Love

Necessary Blackness Podcast conducted an exclusive interview with Nwasha and Montsho Edu, who specialize in culturally-based counseling for couples and singles. Nwasha and Montsho guide couples and singles through the Sacred Science of SoulMating and is the co-creator of a cultural alternative to Valentine’s Day, called Akoma Day, currently celebrated in 14 countries.

Necessary Blackness Podcast EP: 128

In Episode 128, Rahiem Shabazz and Co-Host Marci Li decided to do a quick podcast and talk about NFL Football Player, Chad Wheeler abusing a Black woman and mainstream media lack of coverage.

Full Interview on Youtube https://youtu.be/C7SCIUb-p40

Necessary Blackness Ep: 128 – Prof. James Smalls- Culture & Politics In Black America

Necessary Blackness Podcast started the year 2021 with a powerful interview from the Grand Master Teacher James Smalls. We spoke about Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol, should Blacks join the military, and several other topics concerning Black America.

“We do too much protesting. Our primary objective should always be food, clothing, shelter, safety, and security. Then the next step of clarity is you must control the economy, politics, and culture where you live. And if you’re clear on that then you understand that will allow you access for control of land, labor, and resources in your community. And you’ll have no need to protest”.-Prof. James Smalls-

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