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Necessary Blackness Ep: 128 – Prof. James Smalls- Culture & Politics In Black America

Necessary Blackness Podcast started the year 2021 with a powerful interview from the Grand Master Teacher James Smalls. We spoke about Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol, should Blacks join the military, and several other topics concerning Black America.

“We do too much protesting. Our primary objective should always be food, clothing, shelter, safety, and security. Then the next step of clarity is you must control the economy, politics, and culture where you live. And if you’re clear on that then you understand that will allow you access for control of land, labor, and resources in your community. And you’ll have no need to protest”.-Prof. James Smalls-

Necessary Blackness Ep: 95- Interview w/ Minister X & Byron Allen Lawsuit Against Comcast

In this episode of Necessary Blackness, Rahiem Shabazz interviews a renowned activist and host of “Get Your Hand Out My Pocket” Podcast, Minister X. The mission of the podcast is to convey the unfiltered truth about Africans in the diaspora, through social media and independent audio medium. To converse about what is happening in black society and black culture. Minister X seeks to connect and unify with other grassroots organizations, to continue the fight against social injustice. ultimately to give Black people what they want and what they need. In the 2nd segment of this episode, Shabazz goes into depth on Byron Allen vs Comcast and his pending lawsuit in which he is using the Civil Rights Act of 1866 to challenge the discriminatory practice of the cable provider giant.

Necessary Blackness Ep. 51 – Black Voice In Black News

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we offer valuable insight on everything from race relationship, pop culture to politics, and issues that matter to Black people. This episode is hosted by Rahiem Shabazz and the special guest is Shannon Young.


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Necessary Blackness Ep. 48 Marcus Garvey vs A. Philip Randolph


In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we celebrate the work and legacy of Marcus Garvey. We explore the longstanding disagreement in ideologies of Marcus Garvey the Pan-Afrikanist vs A. Phillip Randolph the Socialist.

W. E. B. Du Bois, and A. Philip Randolph and several other leaders were quite critical of Garvey, whose objectives they found unrealistic, ridiculous, and full of pageantry. They believed he was a fraud and organized the “Garvey Must Go” campaign. However, Marcus Garvey rise to prominence and organizational skills is what made these two men jealous. Garvey was the only leader to lead the biggest movement in Black America’s history.

Garvey was not one to take any attack lightly, he called W.E.B. Dubois, a “lazy, dependent mulatto” and his criticism of A. Philip Randolph was not kinder.

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Necessary Blackness Ep. 32 – Tribute To Dick Gregory #RIP

This episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast is a tribute to our beloved brother Dick Gregory, who made his transition and now is in the spiritual realm with the ancestors.

Dick Gregory, the legendary comedian and civil rights icon rose to fame in the 1960s, and devoted his entire life to protesting injustice against Blacks. He was considered a threat for his staunch stance against segregation and became a target of the FBI.He died on Saturday in Washington, D.C. at the age of 84


Necessary Blackness Ep. 24: Do Black Celebrities Have A Financial Obligation To The Black Community?

Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz, the Goddess Funmi and Ashton Breon sit down to discuss ‘Do Black Celebrities Have A Financial Obligation To The Black Community’. The trio also discuss Stevie Wonder’s comments about Black Lives Mattering when we stop Black-on-Black crimes.

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Necessary Blackness Ep. 6 Entrepreneurship & Self-Sufficiency w/ Jalani Kadesh

Necessary Blackness sits down with with Jalani Kadesh to discuss “Entrepreneurship and Self-Sufficiency and why most people stay poor and how yesterday’s middle class is joining the ranks of the poor. We also talked about the African Spiritual Systems.

Jalani Kadesh is a visionary, strategic thinker and motivation speaker. Mr. Kadesh is also a respected and noted author, consultant, entrepreneur, organization builder and scholar.