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Necessary Blackness Podcast EP: 128

In Episode 128, Rahiem Shabazz and Co-Host Marci Li decided to do a quick podcast and talk about NFL Football Player, Chad Wheeler abusing a Black woman and mainstream media lack of coverage.

Full Interview on Youtube https://youtu.be/C7SCIUb-p40

Necessary Blackness Ep: 128 – Prof. James Smalls- Culture & Politics In Black America

Necessary Blackness Podcast started the year 2021 with a powerful interview from the Grand Master Teacher James Smalls. We spoke about Trump’s supporters storming the Capitol, should Blacks join the military, and several other topics concerning Black America.

“We do too much protesting. Our primary objective should always be food, clothing, shelter, safety, and security. Then the next step of clarity is you must control the economy, politics, and culture where you live. And if you’re clear on that then you understand that will allow you access for control of land, labor, and resources in your community. And you’ll have no need to protest”.-Prof. James Smalls-

Necessary Blackness Ep: 127 – The Year End Edition


2020 will be remembered for the worst pandemic in history, economic crisis, and massive protest. Rahiem Shabazz and Marci Li are here to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the 2nd part of the broadcast, Born King Allah talks Dr. Khalid Muhammad, being a young freedom fighter, and how he would walk the streets of Harlem with Dr. Khalid Muhammad and defend him during his appearance on the Phil Donahue Show.

Full Interview on Youtube: https://youtu.be/v99U3JheNRM

Necessary Blackness Ep 124: Black Power Versuz Anti-Hotep Crusaders


We going live to discuss the latest vitriol towards those who stand for Black Liberation by those who put out disparaging comments. We discuss Jidenna and his comments about Hoteps being one of his top 5 enemies. We also breakdown and discuss the situation that happened at True Kitchen Kocktails in Dallas, TX. We stand in support of the owner and encourage everyone to support Black-owned businesses.
Salute to True Kitchen Kocktails owner Kevin Kelly! http://truekitchenkocktails.com/

Necessary Blackness Ep: 123 – RED PILL Speaks Black Society, Spiritual Growth, Hip-Hop & Healthy Living

Necessary Blackness Podcast got a chance to go live with Red Pill on Youtube and Facebook. We talked about the state of Black Society, Spiritual Growth, Hip-Hop & Healthy Living.

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Dr. Carmen Johnson Speaks on Being Framed & Sentenced


Today we are interviewing Carmen Johnson who was falsely accused and sentenced for Residential Mortgage Fraud. Maryland native served 57 months in prison followed by five years supervised release. Carmen R. Johnson, PhD, community activist and humanitarian, and is here with us today to discuss the why she was targeted, falsely accused and the aftermath of the situation.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 121 Yarima Karama Talks 2020 Election, Ice Cube & SCOTUS Confirmation

Today we are interviewing Yarima Karama on the political climate in regard to the Presidential election, what does Black America look like with 4 more years of Trump, and why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not for Black America. We also talked about the controversy surrounding Ice Cube, the SCOTUS confirmation hearing with Amy Coney Barrett, and much more.


Necessary Blackness Ep: 120 – PLANDEMIC COVID-19 No Need To Panic

Necessary Blackness Podcast had the opportunity to interview Keidi Obi Awadu on his recently released book, “Panic: What the Coronavirus Pandemic Tells Us About the State of the World”. Brother Keidi spoke in-depth about the fear and anxiety caused by sensationalist news headlines giving misinformation on COVID-19. Rahiem Shabazz and Marci Li got a chance to speak to Black America’s most notable dissenting voice against the COVID-19 pandemic and why he is against vaccines.

Necessary Blackness Ep: 119 – Judge Joe Brown Talks Emotional IQ, Breonna Taylor, Making Alliances, Democrat Double Cross and LBGTQ Issues.

Necessary Blackness Podcast had the unique opportunity to interview Judge Joe Brown. The beloved Judge talked to Rahiem Shabazz and his Co-Host Marci Li, about Emotional IQ, Breonna Taylor, Making Alliances, Having Allies, as well as the Democrat Double Cross and LBGTQ Issues.

Necessary Blacknesss Podcast Ep: 117 – Blue Lives Matter A Protective Class?


In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz and Marci Li discuss the recent shootings of 2 Los Angeles Sheriffs. Joe Biden tweeted that the act was “Unconscionable” while some celebrate in the streets. What’s the proper response when “the open enemy” is on the receiving end of Karma?


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