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Necessary Blackness Ep: 106 – Bro. Knowledge Speaks Commerce & Trade

Necessary Blackness Podcast

In this episode we caught up with Bro. Knowledge to speak about Commerce & Trade and how we must become our own fiduciary financial advisor when we start our business. We also talked about how the United States is a bankrupt corporation. The flag is a commerce flag, not a national flag. And all the US presidents are war criminals.

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 76 R. Kelly Hiding In Plain Sight

Who’s really to blame? Did we enable “the pied piper” of R&B to commit crimes against black women or were we protecting the reputation of a music genius?

Join Necessary Blackness Podcast with our host Marci Li to talk in-depth about R. Kelly’s alleged sexual misconduct and whether the black community was complicit in aiding Kelly. We also discuss the searing 6-part series “Surviving R. Kelly”.

Necessary Blackness Ep.55: Dr. Obari Discuss Mental Health Stigma, Black Manhood & Dynamics of Relationship

Necessary Blacks Podcast got a chance to catch up with Dr. Obari to discuss the stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community. We discuss how to understand and cope with a love one who is facing these conditions. The image of being strong disinclines people from showing vulnerability, which impedes the process to get the necessary help. Plus, the inherent distrust due to medical racism and inequality in care when it comes to Black folks. Dr. Obari also talks about his book, “Lady’s Man: Conversation For Young Black Men About Manhood & Relationships.

Dr. Obari will be at the Shrine of The Black Madonna tonight 4/24 at 6pm to discuss “Teaching Young Black Men To Value Women”


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