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Radical Hope In The 21st Century

It is with immense gratitude I express appreciation for your support. Many of you have supported me since the release of the 3-part doc-u-series, “Elementary Genocide”. I, look forward to the continuous support with the release of the forthcoming book, “Radical Hope In The 21st Century”.

In honor for #Arutisuse (Arise) a new Holiday for Foundational Black American (FBA) Culture I will be releasing an excerpt of the forthcoming book, Radical Hope in The 21st Century. Download for FREE!!!

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Necessary Blackness Ep: 109 Author P.S. Divine Talks Survival Preparedness, Police Brutality & Martial Arts


Necessary Blackness Podcast interviews author and martial artist P.S. Divine about his urban crime and suspense thriller, “Baby Bye”.  We also talked about survival preparedness and why it’s important for Black society to be prepared to grow our own food, defend ourselves, and if necessary to live off the grid. We also discuss the original of martial arts and how it has its origin in West Africa.


Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep: 82 – Trap History w/ @ARSHAW23

The half-time syncopated rhythms of trap music invaded our eardrums since the late 90’s to the delight of true hip-hop fans. Necessary Blackness Podcast talks with @ARSHAW23 about the stuttering kick drum, the dark ambiance sound, and lyrical content, as well as it’s international appeal. We also spoke about his forthcoming book, “The Birth of Trap History” Atlanta Culture, American Drug War, and the Birth of Trap Music” and his newly created Trap History Podcast.

Links: https://traphistory.com/


Necessary Blackness Ep: 22 – The High Price I Had To Pay 4

Brandi Davis, Necessary Blackness Podcast


In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz sits down with Brandi Davis to talk about her time in prison and the cautionary tale she espouse to educate the youth ,so they don’t get caught up in the drug culture and lifestyle.

Brandi Davis was raised in a middle class community in Detroit. Despite being a first time, non-violent offender in the drug trade, Brandi was sentenced to 10 years in Federal prison.

Since her release, Davis has been gainfully employed and reunited with her son. She has garner media attention with her telling and poignantly written book, “The High Price I Had To Pay”.

Brandi Davis, seeks to continue education the youth about the perils of the underworld and how to live a positive lifestyle, by impacting others through her recently released book and upcoming speaking engagements.

She can be reached via Instagram at @FreePrettyGirls and on Facebook at Brandi Davis