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Necessary Blackness Ep:153: 1 on 1 with Director Amadeuz Christ

In the latest episode of Necessary Blackness, Rahiem Shabazz sits down with film director, Amadeuz Christ, to discuss his documentary, “Out of Darkness,” which examines the untold history of African people and the African cultural contribution to the nations of the world. In his latest documentary, “Heavy Is The Crown” explores the African origins of the world’s major religions by examining the “original mythological story” that has served as the basis for spiritual systems across the planet, and arguably even the concept of the “western drama” itself

Event Alert: Medu Bookstore (Greenbriar Mall)


Rahiem Shabazz will appear at Medu Bookstore on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 for a Meet & Greet. He will also debut the trailer to his forthcoming documentary, Contraband Flesh: The True Story of AfricaTown.

Haters Try To Discredit Success of Award Winning Documentary

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It was only a matter of time before the haters start coming out to discredit the progress being made to dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

An article titled, “Dear White Progressive Friends of Blacks…” calls the Elementary Genocide documentary series another, “Colonized Negro Grievance Straight To DVD Production” and “Hidden Colors” fraudulent.

The title alone reveals the sinister motive behind the article is to cuddle up to white folks. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing told us, “to be aware of Greeks bearing gifts”. They call themselves progressive, but don’t really want to see you progress.

Let me say this… I’m not here to placate white guilt, or to minimize the truth about the open enemy. Your diabolical, anti-black social brainwashing scheme is a failed attempt. Both Elementary Genocide and Hidden Colors has been well received and our people are waking up to the startling truth.

If you think they are mad now, wait until I drop Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust. lol


Screening & Lecture at Medu Bookstore In Atlanta, GA



This Thursday, October 29th 2015 Award Winning Filmmaker and Journalist Rahiem Shabazz will speak at Medu Bookstore (Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta). Please arrive early because seating is limited.

p.s. There will be 2 special guest joining Shabazz to discuss the current zero tolerance laws that contribute to the school to prison pipeline and alternative means of education your children outside of the public school.

Elementary Genocide 2 Streaming To All Mobile Devices


Stream To All Mobile Devices

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You can now stream Elementary Genocide 2: “The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration“, on any mobile device.

Rahiem Shabazz continues the conscience-raising dialogue generated by his acclaimed documentary Elementary Genocide: The School To Prison Pipeline with his equally hard-hitting Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration. Featuring interviews with noted educator and Black psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson, Chief Juvenile Court Judge Steven C. Teske, fearless former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, former political prisoner and Black Liberation Army co-founder Dhoruba bin Wahad, popular social commentator Dr. Boyce Watkins, award-winning education reformer Dr. Steve Perry, White House champion of Change Winner & Author Tracey D. Syphax and more, The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration uncovers the true purpose of today’s educational system and how it’s failing the African child. Going beyond the school-to-prison pipeline headlines and conspiracy theories, The Board of Education Vs. The Board of Incarceration proves that something sinister is afloat by digging deep to explore its origin, its existence and how to plot its destruction to save every Black child.




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Elementary Genocide On Sale For $10.00 [LIMITED TIME ONLY]


“We are now offering Elementary Genocide from Nov. 25th – Dec. 25th at a 50% discount at $10 for each DVD. This offer is for A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!

“Elementary Genocide” shatters the silence and directly challenges the notion that the Public Education system is not in dire need of repair. The Award Winning documentary, has been mentioned by the Obama Administration in a press release honoring the ‘Champion of Change’ honoree Tracey Syphax.

“We have shipped copies to every state throughout the mainland U.S. as well as Hawaii, Canada, London, and even a few countries in Africa.