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Necessary Blackness Ep: 149 – Free Ozone

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Necessary Blackness speaks with Brother Ken Chairman and Attorney for People’s Legal Aid Project about the upcoming trial of Otha Wallace who is facing capital murder for defending himself from law enforcement. It’ very important we get behind the campaign to save brother Otha’s life. We know the system is corrupt and there are numerous incidents where innocent men are convicted and then sentenced to death.

When we look at Race and Capital Punishment, Blacks make up 42% of those of Death Row. The number of Black defendants executed for killing a white victim remains the highest percentage our of all racial combinations. So we know there is racist practices and this is systemic problem.

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Kamala Harris: Criminal Justice Reformer or Defender of the Status Quo

After announcing her presidency for the United States, Kamala Harris is being questioned on her past record on mass incarceration as San Francisco’s district attorney and then as California’s attorney general. Most of her policies affected Black Americans and now she has to answer for her punitive-law-and order mentality. Those who experienced her wrath first hand are implying she is not the criminal justice reformer Black America is looking for. The criticism she received thus far on her policies are warranted and must be answered.

But, more importantly she has not specifically stated, what she will do for Black America. No longer is the Black vote to be taken for granted, we are asking for tangibles in 2020

Necessary Blackness Podcast explores Kamala Harris’ record on mass incarceration and the hyper-criminalization of Black men and her voting record while Senator. #Tangibles2020