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The Joseph Worthington Scholarship

In honor of his life, the siblings of Joseph Worthington are seeking to establish “The Joseph Worthington Scholarship” program. We are asking for your financial generosity, to support and help honor the memory of Joseph Worthington.

As many of you know, Joe made his transition on January 31st, 2016. The outpour of support and attendance at his funeral showed the magnitude of love the people had for him. Joseph will always remain a beautiful soul, who is missed, who is mourned, who is loved. Joseph was a super smart, undyingly loyal and faithful friend, brother and father.

As family members, we are still devastated. We are still feeling the pain. So many people have asked what they can do to help the family to honor Joe. We thought long and hard and didn’t have the words, but together we have the power.

By making a donation to the scholarship fund, you are not only enriching the life of someone deserving of a chance to attend college, but you are helping to honor the memory and legacy of Joseph Worthington.

The scholarship fund is being established by the brothers and sisters of Joseph Worthington, to offer a unique opportunity for those who are facing financial hardship or particular life challenges but still want to pursue higher education. The program gives them a chance that most other programs do not offer.

The Joseph Worthington Foundation seeks to become a firm believer in helping young people not only reach their career goals but also establish a secure future.

If you’re unable to donate, please Like and Share our GoFundMe Scholarship Fundraising post with all of your family and friends and help us make a difference.

We would be most grateful, if you would consider supporting us in this worthy cause.

Peace and Prosperity,
The Family & Friends of Joseph Worthington

ATTN: We will also be commemorating Joe’s 50th birthday celebration Joe on August 13-14th in NYC with a cook out and visit to his grave site. We will keep everyone informed of the details as they develop.