Necessary Blackness Ep: 135 – White Oppression Black Trauma: An Afrocentric Approach To Healing

Elementary Genocide, Rahiem Shabazz, Necessary Blackness Podcast,

Necessary Blackness Podcast host Rahiem Shabazz talks with High Heals about intergenerational trauma. High Heals is a modern day Sharman known for being an energy healer who brings high energy vibrations to the collective. We also spoke about so-called Relationship Coach Kevin Samuels and his definition of high value men and this is what she had to say…


  1. My name is Michael C. Washington. I am from Oklahoma. I am a political activist and certified paralegal who is striving to make a difference in my African American community, especially when it comes to educating our youth about the importance of staying out of gangs and staying focused on getting a quality education which is something not easy to attain while under the direction of this wicked, white supremacist government. I would appreciate any advice you might give and please allow me to work with you in some capacity

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