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Debut Screening of #ElementaryGenocide In Oregon

The Elementary Genocide documentary screening will make its debut in Oregon. Rahiem Shabazz will be in the Ashland area of Oregon from Oct.31 to Nov. 4th. All Events Are Free & Open To The Public!

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 2 @ 6 PM






A High School Teacher Allegedly Told A Student To “Lick Me Where I Fart”


There should never be a debate on whether education should come from the teachers, parents or stake holders in the community in which the students reside. It defies logic to not push for true nationhood and complete sovereignty from America’s racist institution.

Children do not learn from those they don’t like. After the following disparaging remarks were made by High School English teacher in Ontario, Canada, there was cause for concern to how systematic racism is pertinent throughout America.

Ontario College of Teachers, Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson, who teaches grades 10 through 12 at at Dunnville Secondary School, has also been accused of calling a student a “bloody pedophile,” and allegedly said another “looked like a frumpy old lady today.”

Green-Johnson also allegedly said, “Get that fucking thing out of here” to a student who brought in coffee; told a student, “I have never said this to a student before but fuck you;” and said, “It’s debate, not masturbate” to the class, all within the 2015-2016 school year.

Green-Johnson was suspended for a month without pay last January for professional misconduct, in part because she saw one male student jump on another’s back and responded, “So, you like it from behind?”

There will be a hearing to determine if Green-Johnson is guilty of the charges on September 23.

Green-Johnson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

An immediate firing in the only solution and remedy the lack of compassion and professionalism for tomorrow’s bright mind of the future. We will follow this case closely to see the out come and push for the termination of a teacher who is not worthy, to reach in the community, occupied my Melanoid people. If Green-Johnson can no longer get her pupils to lick her where she farts, she’ll probably have better luck in finding out how to pleasure herself on lovegasm’s blog.

Earn the solution to the problem in Elementary Genocide 1 & Elementary Genocide 2


Family Sues After 7-Year-Old Gets Handcuffed At School For Crying


Kaylb with his mother, Tomesha Primm

What is taking place in the educational system in America is symbolic to the wrenching condition and racist views of society. For as far back as we can remember, education was used as a weapon of oppression to subjugate Blacks. The racial educational barriers erected by systemic racism, is alive and well today in 2016. So, it does not surprise me to read about a 7-year old being handcuffed at school for merely crying.

Kaylb Wiley Primm, a second grader attends a public school in Kansas City. He is only 7 years old, less than 4 feet tall and weighs less than 50 pounds, but the police officer considered him a threat to his and others safety.


The incident began when a school-based police officer happened to walk by Kaylb’s classroom and hear him crying and disrupting other students, according to a lawsuit filed last week by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of Kaylb’s family. When Kaylb continued to cry and yell in the hallway, against the officer’s requests, the officer put the child in handcuffs and brought him to the main office, where he sat until a parent arrived.

There is a growing movement of concern parents who are opting out of sending their children to the public school system and are deciding to home school. This is one of many solutions that is discussed in the award winning documentary Elementary Genocide. If you haven’t viewed it… Get your copy today.


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Kindergartners are Being Suspended for Calling Out Answers During Class

Annually, approximately 3 million students, most of whom are in high school, receive out-of-school suspensions. However, more and more children in preschool or kindergarten are being sent home as punishment for infractions that would make you raise your eyebrows.

In a PBS NewsHour Special, John Merrow discusses suspensions within the Success Charter School Network in New York City, which started in 2006 and now consists of 34 schools, most of which are elementary schools. The network employs the “no excuses” model of educating, which means that teachers are held responsible for students doing well in school. The network refuses to accept excuses why a student does not do well—not hunger, sickness, or even violence within the home.

At Success Academy Prospect Heights, students have a list of 65 infractions that they must not commit. These infractions range from serious offenses like bullying and down to something as simple as “failing to be in a ready-for-success position,” whatever that means. Students are also not allowed to get out of their seats unless they have permission, nor can they call out an answer without raising their hand. All of these offenses can quickly lead to suspension.


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Seize The Time: Freedom Now! Lecture & Movie Screening


Education in America is designed to imprint children with white middle-class values. And those who do not conform are labeled inattentive and disruptive behavior.

Come out to see the award winning documentary Elementary Genocide: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration

Saturday, September 3rd, 2016

Rahiem Shabazz | Atty. Terri Thompson | Kalonji Changa | Supreme Understanding | Pro. Ed Garnes | Bro. DJ | Tenisio Seanima | Balagun Ojetade

School Calls Police on Girl Using 2 Dollar Bill to Buy Her Chicken Nuggets! It Gets Worse!




When 13-year-old eighth grader, Danesiah Neal, tried to spend a 2 Dollar Bill at lunch at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, she was detained and threatened with a felony!

It gets worse! The 2 Dollar Bill investigation had to go all the way to the bank to get solved!

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Filmmaker Rahiem Shabazz’s Call to Action: Black People Must Educate Their Children



Once we become conscious of what is innate, greatness can be achieved.  If we are blessed enough to be introspective, we know that we have to create our own opportunities. We learn not to be a burden on our people and become prepared to utilize resources to push social change to eradicate the thought that there are no alternatives.  Using critical thinking is the key and not apologizing is the stance, but how do we deal with those that don’t understand their inborn sources are truly being tampered with? My recent conversation with filmmaker/producer and owner of Rasha Entertainment Inc., Rahiem Shabazz, shed some light on the topic of genocide and it’s relevance in the educational system and how underhanded this tampering is.




How Melonie Wright Went From Special Ed To Law School Graduate


If anyone knows hard times, it’s Melonie Wright. Ms. Wright’s plight started early on in preschool. Her parents were told that she was a delayed learner, and she was placed into special education classes.

In an exclusive interview with TheRoots, Melonie recounts the ordeal:

“The teachers said I never talked in class, and did not respond the way the other 4-year-olds did at the time. I was too quiet and did not socialize. I do remember the day I was moved down to the developmentally delayed preschool classroom. My dad used to walk me to preschool every day, and that day was no different. We went towards a hallway, one that was not where my true classroom was. I asked him, ‘Daddy, where we going?’ He said, ‘To a different classroom.’” 

Despite all the ups and down, Melonie is set to graduate from Emory University School of Law next month. Read more about her inspirational story and how she overcame the odds.

via: TheRoots


Texas Teacher Arrested After Video Shows Her Repeatedly Hitting Student


BEAUMONT, Texas —A high school math teacher is facing an assault charge after video surfaced of her hitting a student at least five times in class.

CBS affiliate KFDM reported Mary A. Hastings, a 63-year-old geometry teacher at Ozen High School, was arrested and has been placed on paid leave.

The cellphone video, recorded by a classmate, shows Hastings swiping papers off the student’s desk then slapping him five times.


Hastings, who appears exasperated, scolds the student for being a disruption. She hit the student while saying, “…because you’re stopping him from graduating you idiot [expletive].”

The student who recorded the footage told KFDM the incident happened Friday morning. It was unclear exactly what provoked Hastings to strike the student.

“BISD does not condone employees abusing any child and will not tolerate such conduct,” Beaumont Independent School District spokeswoman Nakisha Burns said in a statement. “The teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and placed on administrative leave pending action on her contract.”

Hastings was booked into the Jefferson County jail on a misdemeanor count of assault. She posted $2,500 bond and was later released on a $2,500 bond.

She has taught in the district for three years, according to KFDM.

Haters Try To Discredit Success of Award Winning Documentary

Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 9.49.50 AM Screen shot 2016-04-07 at 9.49.40 AM


It was only a matter of time before the haters start coming out to discredit the progress being made to dismantle the school to prison pipeline.

An article titled, “Dear White Progressive Friends of Blacks…” calls the Elementary Genocide documentary series another, “Colonized Negro Grievance Straight To DVD Production” and “Hidden Colors” fraudulent.

The title alone reveals the sinister motive behind the article is to cuddle up to white folks. Dr. Frances Cress Welsing told us, “to be aware of Greeks bearing gifts”. They call themselves progressive, but don’t really want to see you progress.

Let me say this… I’m not here to placate white guilt, or to minimize the truth about the open enemy. Your diabolical, anti-black social brainwashing scheme is a failed attempt. Both Elementary Genocide and Hidden Colors has been well received and our people are waking up to the startling truth.

If you think they are mad now, wait until I drop Elementary Genocide 3: Academic Holocaust. lol


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