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How Melonie Wright Went From Special Ed To Law School Graduate


If anyone knows hard times, it’s Melonie Wright. Ms. Wright’s plight started early on in preschool. Her parents were told that she was a delayed learner, and she was placed into special education classes.

In an exclusive interview with TheRoots, Melonie recounts the ordeal:

“The teachers said I never talked in class, and did not respond the way the other 4-year-olds did at the time. I was too quiet and did not socialize. I do remember the day I was moved down to the developmentally delayed preschool classroom. My dad used to walk me to preschool every day, and that day was no different. We went towards a hallway, one that was not where my true classroom was. I asked him, ‘Daddy, where we going?’ He said, ‘To a different classroom.’” 

Despite all the ups and down, Melonie is set to graduate from Emory University School of Law next month. Read more about her inspirational story and how she overcame the odds.

via: TheRoots