Take Your Documentary To The Next Level & Make $100,000 in 6 Months



Back in the days independent filmmakers felt the need to align themselves with a distributor. Oftentimes, they signed exclusive deals and the lion share of their profit was split with said company.

Today, you can self-distribute your own film via your website. Times have changed for the better.

Below is an example of how you can successfully get your product to your target audience.

During the trailer release phase of your documentary it’s important to create marketing assets, and videos to distribute on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you have notable individuals in your documentary or film with a large following or star power, get them to share across all their social media platforms.

If you decide to use Amazon or ITunes for your digital release, encourage customers to leave you a review. You’ll be surprise how many new customers you’ll get from 5 star reviews.

I prefer to use Amazon as oppose to ITunes (This will require another post to go in depth). With Amazon, you can retain the customers information. This help tremendously when we released Elementary Genocide 2, because we were able to get hundreds of pre-orders within 24 hours by contacting previous buyers.

iTunes has too many restrictions and you’ll never know who your customers are or the geographical location the bulk of your selling are coming from. You want to know your stronghold, so when it’s time to do screening or lectures you’re guaranteed a sold out crowd.

A lot of people think the DVD market is dead and it’s not. You can make hundreds of thousand in DVD sales alone. Especially, if you’re selling them at your screening. Viewers that are intrigued with the subject matter will oftentimes purchase a copy to show to family and friends.

Digital distribution is passive income. You’ll be surprised when those monthly checks hit your account.

Anyone interested in obtaining guarantee results and have a workable budget, send me an email and let talk business.