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Red Cross Don’t Like Black People


A day doesn’t go by that Black folks are not vilified by media, disrespected by retailers and harassed by rouge police officers. The negative images are often times blamed on the victim and in Black folks case, rap music. But, being stereotyped is nothing new to melaninated people. So it does not come as a surprise, Red Cross, which is a disaster relief organization (how ironic) released a poster geared towards children safety while swimming, would use all the black cartoon characters as the bad, unruly and rowdy kids.

Red Cross was quick to respond to state the posters will be removed from all public places. But, what won’t be removed is the racist and white supremacist mind state of Red Cross employees.

By the way, we still waiting to see when Red Cross is going to account for the $500 million collected for Haiti, but only 6 homes were built.