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Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Investing Millions In Charter Schools

Mark-Zuckerberg-Charter-School-ElementaryGenocideMillions of dollars are being invested in the private prison by Wall Street hedge fund managers, Fortune 500 Corporations and everyone else seeking to profit off of American’s most booming business. We all know the facts and statics on the rising rate of incarceration and how it its not a cost effective measure, but a profit driven motive to those who seek to profit off prison labor. But, what is not known is these same 500 Corporations and Wall Street hedge fund managers are making a windfall of money by not only investing in private prison, but on their investment in Charter Schools. It all started back in 2001, when then President Clinton signed into law, the ‘Consolidation Appropriation Act’. This law included provisions from the ‘Community Renewal Tax Relief’. The law provides tax incentives for seven years to businesses that locate and hire residents in economically depressed urban and rural areas. Continue reading