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Rahiem Shabazz Receives 2016 #BlackPowerAward for Documentary Filmmaking


Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration received an award in the documentary category at the 2016 “Black Power Awards”. The Black Power Awards was held in Atlanta on Saturday, November 12th, 2016 to celebrate Black excellence, activism and our contribution to the world. The celebratory event showed and proved the strength and spirit of African people on a grand scale.

The Black Carpet Affair showcased the elegance and upscale attire of all those in attendance. Executive Producer, DJ set the tone when he stated, “When the Kente commands as much value as Gucci. then its a new day”. So, in customary fashion, we showed up and showed out.


Below is a brief clip of Rahiem Shabazz accepting 1st award of the night for his award winning film, “Elementary Genocide 2.


Elementary Genocide 2 Receives Nomination For Black Power Awards




We would like to thank everyone for voting for Elementary Genocide 2: The Board of Education vs The Board of Incarceration.

We are excited at being a nominee at ‘The Black Power Awards‘. Being a nominee means a great deal, but the impetus behind the awards is much greater.

Remember, we are the immortal archetype to forever be mimicked by others who try to steal what we created. #BlackPower


For those who are interested in attending, the event is November 12th, 2016