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Why John Lewis Should Not Be Idolized As Our Liberation Hero



It’s time the truth be told to the younger generation regarding the March on Washington and how President, John F. Kennedy had complete control of the march. It’s a known fact that each of the participants known as “The Big 6” compromised the interest of the people to ensure the march was able to take place. Brother, Malcolm X spoke about it extensively, but many dismissed him as a radical Muslim looking to discredit the civil rights movement.

Malcolm X called it the “Farce on Washington,“in his autobiography, “there wasn’t a single logistics aspect uncontrolled. The marchers had been instructed to bring no signs. … They had been told how to arrive, when, where to arrive, where to assemble, when to start marching, the route to march. … Yes, I was there. I observed that circus.”

Today, U.S. Rep. John Lewis is hailed for his participation in the march as an organizer, but little is told about his willingness to have his words censored and the large payment of money he received for such deeds. Lewis, has become the spokesperson for “Bloody Sunday”, the day he was beaten while marching from Selma to Montgomery. in 1965. Now, he seeks to make the young generation of warriors, who are fighting for social justice, to be docile, accept police brutality and to sing “We Shall Overcome”.




While today’s generation seeks to willingly fight for their liberation and freedom by any means necessary, John Lewis is propped up in front of a camera calling for calm, asking the Justice Department for redress against the human atrocities, we are facing in the streets of America. Someone needs to tell Mr. Lewis, this is a new generation of fire brand leaders, thinkers, and warriors who will determine the course of action taken. They are unapologetic and will not have their words censored or turn the other cheek, those days are over. The older generation of civil rights leaders can no longer imposing their worldviews coupled with political abuse of power under the guise of being our leaders. John Lewis should not be idolized as our liberation hero.





U.S. Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights leader and one of the most influential Democrats in Congress admitted his speech was edited by JFK’s Deputy Press Secretary Jack Rosenthal. The word revolution appeared in his original speech six times and was omitted. [READ HERE]

Mr. Lewis was arrested over 47 times in protest of voters rights, police brutality etc. Each time he was released with 48 hours and paid a small fine or no fine at all. There are political prisoners languishing in prison for decades, those are the real heroes. They never felt the need to water down their approach or to seek redress from the system of racism and white supremacy. Let’s honor them and not those who are complicit in our oppression.


Red Cross Don’t Like Black People


A day doesn’t go by that Black folks are not vilified by media, disrespected by retailers and harassed by rouge police officers. The negative images are often times blamed on the victim and in Black folks case, rap music. But, being stereotyped is nothing new to melaninated people. So it does not come as a surprise, Red Cross, which is a disaster relief organization (how ironic) released a poster geared towards children safety while swimming, would use all the black cartoon characters as the bad, unruly and rowdy kids.

Red Cross was quick to respond to state the posters will be removed from all public places. But, what won’t be removed is the racist and white supremacist mind state of Red Cross employees.

By the way, we still waiting to see when Red Cross is going to account for the $500 million collected for Haiti, but only 6 homes were built.


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