Teacher Says ‘Killing Black People Is On Her Bucket List’


A North Carolina teacher may lose her job after students reported her for making racist

Math teacher Cynthia Ramsey of Camden County High School allegedly admitted to a student who was eating lunch that killing black people is on her “bucket list.”

“She conveyed to me that Mrs. Ramsey had indicated that if she only had 10 days to live that she would kill all black people,” the student’s mother, Kimberly Ashcraft, told WAVY-TV.

Ashcraft said she was stunned by the comment and couldn’t believe what she’d heard.

“I was completely shocked,” Ashcraft said. “I asked her again, ‘Are you sure that was what you heard?’ I could not have imagined a teacher saying that.”

Ashcraft says what is even more worrisome is that Ramsey is not only a teacher, but head of the math department.

“I conveyed to my daughter that this is a very serious allegation and I need confirmation that this did happen,” Ashcraft explained.

An officer told the news station that other students confirmed the story told by Ashcraft’s daughter.


Source: I Love Black People