Necessary Blackness Ep: 85 Princess Asie Ocansey of Ada, Ghana Talks Royal Return, Reparations and #ADOS


Rahiem Shabazz sits down one-on-one with the Princess Asie Ocansey of Ada, Ghana to talk about her first visit to Cape Coast – Ghana, inside the slave dungeons at the “door of no return” as a young child. The Ghanaian Princess also discusses the late legendary Grammy and Oscar Winning Superstar, Issac Hayes and his trip to Ghana, where a grand coronation was held for him and how he was given the royal name, Nene Katey Ocansey 1. (“Katey” means Strong enough to calm a lion; the royal family name “Ocansey” means “I do as I say”).

Find out more about when the “Black Moses” returns back home to Mother Africa.