Necessary Blackness Ep. 57: How Tarik Edmonson Frank Lucas The Sneaker Game

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In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz sits down with special guest, Tarik Edmonson to talk about the uphill battle in getting “Urban Air Freshener” into a national distribution chain and linking up with Ed Hardy only to be left out the deal. Not one to be discouraged or dismayed by their underhand tactics, Tariq used the internet to his advance and was able to catapult his business and expanding the reach of his brand. It wasn’t long after he started laying the groundwork for Negast Sneakers Footwear. The most prominent lines are “The Marcus Garvey Shoe and The Nat Turner “African Runner Shoe”. “These two shoe styles embody the total essence of our rich and proud heritage. By naming our shoes after such influential Leaders, this will evoke dialog and pride that will allow future generations to continue to learn more about Black History”, states the owner and founder Tarik. In this episode, you’ll learn how the fashion-forward entrepreneur is keeping the money circulating in the community, by offering a profit-sharing model to help enrich those who are looking to make money and celebrate their culture at the same time.