Necessary Blackness Ep. 34 ‘The Business Bully’ w/ Dave Anderson

The Business Bully, Rahiem Shabazz, Dave Anderson


Necessary Blackness Podcast goes 1-on-1 with Dave Anderson of ‘The Business Bully” Podcast. Mr. Anderson answers the tough questions that lingers in the minds of those who want to possess the entreprenurial spirit, and are serious about starting their own business. With over 25 years of business, the best selling author and celebrity coach sits downs with Rahiem Shabazz to talk about his 6 Figure Tour, leaving the cubicial matrix, and how to be an unapologetic Black business owner.

“Everyone can be an entreprenur, but the ones who can’t, won’t, because they are unwilling. And its much easier to let someone else tell you what to do. We have been doing that for over 400 years”, states Dave Anderson.

As one of the youngest radio personalities in history Dave Anderson worked with A-list celebrities such as Rickey Smiley, Tom Joyner, DJ Clue, Wendy Williams and many others.


You can learn more about Dave Anderson and join his 6 Figure Business Course by visiting