Kimberly Latrice Jones: The Contract Is Broken


The young social justice warriors are amplifying their voices while demanding justice against rogue police officers and their executive shields that isolate them from being charged in the killing of unarmed citizens.

The case of Jamarion Robinson is one of many elected officials, prosecutors, and law enforcement is trying to sweep under the rug. Jamarion Robinson was shot at over 100 times and 76 bullets hit his body by US Marshals on August 5, 2016. We now know that his hands were up due to injuries that he sustained. He had 20 plus bullets in the back, someone stood over him and fired directly into him while he was down. DA Paul Howard’s office has been working on the case since his death. The US Marshals refused to talk. Best selling author and community activist Kimberly Jones speaks on how our contract with America is broken and why we must continue to fight against a system seeking to oppress and imprison us.