Book a screening for your Non-Profit, College or University


If your interest in organizing a screening of the docu-series ELEMENTARY GENOCIDE, documentary series Part 1, 2 & 3 there are several options for organizing a private screening of our film; you can bring it to a movie theater near you, to your local school or university, or to any other private venue of your choosing.

At this time, we are accepting screening requests, however certain restrictions apply. Please inbox or all us at for pricing and availability if you would like Mr. Shabazz to come out to speak.

The following are a few things we request from organizations in order to provide the necessary public performance rights to screen the film.

1. We request a license fee to screen the film.

2. Please note that we will provide you with a DVD for your event. Please make certain your venue can screen from a DVD.

3. We provide all press release, logo, film poster, 100 promotional postcards, and a screening guide. The screening guide contains film introduction, discussion questions, talking points, and follow-up.

We also provide an electronic postcard to publicize your event via email and social media. Additionally, we will provide you with an online ticket system that allows people to purchase tickets directly from the electronic postcard.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise, please confirm.

1. Whether you prefer just a screening or a screening and lecturer from Mr. Shabazz

2. Venue name and full street address.

3. Date of your event.

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