Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Investing Millions In Charter Schools

Millions of dollars are being invested in the private prison by Wall Street hedge fund managers, Fortune 500 Corporations and everyone else seeking to profit off of American’s most booming business. We all know the facts and statics on the rising rate of incarceration and how it its not a cost effective measure, but a …

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Retail Location To Purchase DVD’s

Shackles 2 Solutions Lecture Tour Promo

“The Most Potent and Practical Tour of the Year”– Contraband Classified The Shackles to Solutions National Lecture Tour Is Slated to Hit Various Universities, Churches and Communities Across America. The Tour will Feature Lectures and a Film Screening of the Award Winning documentary “Elementary Genocide” and a Book signing of the Best Selling Literary Piece …

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Upcoming Screening Dates & Location

We have several screenings lined up in various cities around the country.   July 26: Crossroads Charter High School, 5500 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC Time: 6pm – 9:30 PM https://www.facebook.com/events/237095329820394/   September 20: The Black Market Film Festival U.K. (London)   September 25th: Raw Space Cultual Gallery 2031 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, New York, …

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Unlock Your Pension From Being Invested In Private Prison

Too many public pensions are directly invested in the private prison industry. The future financial security of teachers and public employees should not depend on separating families and locking up our community members. There is a need to be a divestment from companies and institutions that use public pensions to invest in CCA and GEO:

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Recap: Elementary Genocide Documentary Screening In Harlem

The screening of “Elementary Genocide” took place at Mayseles Cinema in Harlem. The event was moderated by Source Magazine writer Shabe Allah-Cleare. Lawrence Hayes and Tracey D. Syphax were panelist along with myself. See Pictures Below.

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California City May Charge Kindergartners With Misdemeanor For Bullying

  The fight to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline must continue to wage on in each respective city. In Carson, California the City Council gave a preliminary approval to an ordinance aimed persons, including other youths, who cause anyone from kindergarten to age 25 to feel terrorized, harassed or threatened with no legitimate purpose. In this …

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Event Alert: San Diego UAPTSD.Org’s Screening of “Elementary Genocide”

  In Honor of National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth UAPTSD.Org

Harlem Documentary Screening – “Elementary Genocide”

  The screening of the controversial documentary, “Elementary Genocide” will be followed by an engaging panel discussion to come up with possible strategies and solutions. Guest Speakers: Tracey D. Syphax Lawrence Hayes Door open at 6:30 PM & Screening starts at 7:30 PM   If you live outside the NYC area and want to get …

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Bill Gates Has Millions Invested In For-Profit Prisons

The Gates Foundation Trust has millions invested in for-profit prisons, and Bill Gates will not respond to community pressure to divest. On March 7, Enlace, Presente.org, and 25 other immigrant rights, criminal justice, and social justice organizations sent Bill Gates a letter demanding divestment from the unethical and inhumane GEO Group, whose immigrant detention facilities …

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