Aug 17

Necessary Blackness Ep: 114 – Crime Bill Joe & Top Cop Kamala – What is Black America Thinking?

Joe Biden has selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate, and most people are not happy with the selection of the former prosecutor and onetime 2020 primary rival who has built a reputation as an unyielding antagonist of the Trump administration. One of the problems many Black voters have with Joe Biden is the 1994 crime bill he co-authored that led to the mass incarceration of Black Americans. With, Kamala Harris, as attorney general, she weaponized technicalities to keep wrongfully convicted people behind bars rather than allow them new trials.

Necessary Blackness Podcast speaks about the Vice President pick and why it’s not a celebratory moment for Black America. Join in on the conversation with Rahiem Shabazz and Marci Li to discuss this pivotal moment in politics.

Aug 14

Necessary Blackness Ep: 113 – Did ‘WAP’ Open Up Pandora’s Box?

Necessary Blackness Podcast discussing Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP song and why it shouldn’t be celebrated and what the negative impressions it gives to today’s youth. We delve further into why negative music is dominating the charts and so much more. In this episode, we are joined by Co-Host Marci Li

Do Men Want A Lady In The Streets & A Freak  In The Sheets?

Let’s Discuss!!!!



Aug 01

Necessary Blackness Ep: 112 – William Maliek Evans Challenging The Stereotypes & Empowering The Community

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, we caught up with William Maliek Evans to discuss the organization he founded, “Neighborhood Benches” and why troubled youths should be given a 2nd chance. Mr. Willam details his hard-knock upbringing and the transformation he made after several unfortunate incidents.

Jul 23

Necessary Blackness Podcast Ep: 111 – Sha’ Dixon Speaks On BLM & The Karens of The World

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz interviews law student and community activist Sha’ Dixon, on being apart of BLM during the initial formation and her decision to leave the organization. We also spoke about the obnoxious, angry, and entitled Karen’s of the world, as well as her recent encounter with one. And we briefly discussed Nick Canon’s apology and why Kanye West is not suitable for the highest-ranking office in the United States.

Jul 09

Necessary Blackness Ep: 110 Prof. James Smalls Talks African Sacred Science & Prince Hall Masonry

In this episode of Necessary Blackness Podcast, Rahiem Shabazz speaks with Professor James Smalls. The Pan-Afrikan activist and speaker take us back to our roots so we can reconnect to the cultural traditions of our ancestors. He delves into the high science of the cosmos to explain how the totality of God is inside of us.

Jul 02

Necessary Blackness Ep: 109 Author P.S. Divine Talks Survival Preparedness, Police Brutality & Martial Arts


Necessary Blackness Podcast interviews author and martial artist P.S. Divine about his urban crime and suspense thriller, “Baby Bye”.  We also talked about survival preparedness and why it’s important for Black society to be prepared to grow our own food, defend ourselves, and if necessary to live off the grid. We also discuss the original of martial arts and how it has its origin in West Africa.


Jun 26

Necessary Blackness Ep: 108 – Defunding The Police vs Decentralize The Police



Necessary Blackness Podcast sat with community activist and 3rd generation freedom fighter Kalonji Changa, to discuss the difference between defunding the police vs decentralizing the police. We spoke about the need for a residency clause and instituting an autonomous community public safety council to control everything from the fire department and EMS.

Jun 17

Rapper T.I. Speaks on Racial Injustice & Police Brutality


Amid the continuing national outcry over the police killing of George Floyd, the police are still killing unarmed black people. Most recently, Rayshard Brooks was murdered by an Atlanta police officer. Civil Right Activist, Students, Mothers of slain children, and concerned citizens took to the streets to bring awareness to unsolved cases of police murders in Atlanta.

Activist Marcus Coleman and a host of young social justice warriors lead the protest to seek justice for Kendrick Johnson, Jamarion Robinson, Shali Tilson, Anthony Hill, Oscar Cain and so many more victims murdered by Atlanta Police. Rapper T.I. joined the march to the Capitol and spoke about the need to keep the pressure on the establishment and how we forced them to acknowledge the pain and suffering we experienced for years. He ended with advising the protestors of their consumer power and to no longer spend money outside of the community. Rapper T.I was joined on stage by Mysonne and Tamika Mallory of Until Freedom.


Jun 16

Kimberly Latrice Jones: The Contract Is Broken


The young social justice warriors are amplifying their voices while demanding justice against rogue police officers and their executive shields that isolate them from being charged in the killing of unarmed citizens.

The case of Jamarion Robinson is one of many elected officials, prosecutors, and law enforcement is trying to sweep under the rug. Jamarion Robinson was shot at over 100 times and 76 bullets hit his body by US Marshals on August 5, 2016. We now know that his hands were up due to injuries that he sustained. He had 20 plus bullets in the back, someone stood over him and fired directly into him while he was down. DA Paul Howard’s office has been working on the case since his death. The US Marshals refused to talk. Best selling author and community activist Kimberly Jones speaks on how our contract with America is broken and why we must continue to fight against a system seeking to oppress and imprison us.


Jun 01

Necessary Blackness Ep: 107 Atlanta Uprising- Reporting From The Frontline


Martin Luther King Jr once stated in an interview, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” This was in 1966 and nothing has changed since he uttered those prophetic words. That language is being heard and spoken in just about every major city in America and has reverberated to several international countries.

Atlanta citizen quickly took to the street to protest not only the killing of George Floyd but the refusal to arrest the three officers who participated in this brutal murder, as well as only charging fired police officer Derek Chauvin with only 3rd-degree murder.

Many watched the protest and demonstration play out on CNN and suddenly things got violent. Few know the root cause except those on the frontline. Necessary Blackness Podcast caught up with one of the front line soldiers and long time community activist Malik Muhammad to get a play by play of what really happened. Tune In and Listen.


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